Workflow automation: Sherry FitzGerald Lettings experience

As previously highlighted, today’s majority of monetary transactions are electronic. However, the document gathering and customer verification process is still largely a slow and insecure analogue process. Lots of companies don’t know how workflow automation will benefit their business. This is where PlanetVerify steps in.

workflow automation

By automating and digitising the workflow process and combining it with access to premium verification services through our merchant partners, our platform offers the convenience and flexibility that companies and consumers demand in today’s ever growing ‘mobile first’ digital economy.

If we take Sherryfitzgerald Letting Agency for example, workflow automation is crucial for them as they have to process multiple pieces of information per client, whether it’s PPS number, financial history, previous landlord references etc., before the tenant can move into the property.

There is a whole lot of work involved in finalising a deal. PlanetVerify is there to bridge the gap and speed up the process between tenant and letting agency. Implemented into your business the app cuts your workload and increases your efficiency all at the same time

We sat down with Mandy Meredith, a director at Sherryfitzgerald Lettings, a couple of weeks after they implemented the app into their business to see how much of an impact it has had on their staff workload and how much it has sped up business with clients.

PlanetVerify: You know you can use the app on your phone?

Mandy Meredith: No? That would be so handy

‘If you want to add a request you can do it anywhere now. It is the exact same as having the PlanetVerify app open in front of you on your desktop. You could now send out data requests to tenants if you were out of the office at a viewing for example’.

PV: So you were saying that is saves you around 1 hour per deal?

MM: Absolutely

PV: Why is that?

MM: The saving is chasing up the paperwork. For example, you could have 4 tenants moving into a property, and you could be awaiting references for two of them for a landlord reference or an employment or salary confirmation

There was around 15 minutes of training for Sherryfitzgerald but that was really just a formality. The app is super easy to use that in reality a demo video would have sufficed. The app was fully up and running within an hour

PV: We just want to compare old vs new. What’s the benefit? Why do you save an hour?

MM: Because PlanetVerify is sending out the tenants reminders to fill in all required information. I can go onto my desktop and see the status reports of each tenant and can see what information they have and/or have not filled out

‘A quick email can be sent to the individual tenants saying they have not fully completed their PlanetVerify data request form or, ‘’they won’t be able to collect the keys this Friday if they do not send out the required information by today’’, for example. Sherryfitzgerald do not have to send reminders to the tenants saying what exact bits of information are missing. The request form shows the individual exactly what is required of them. ‘There is no need to itemise what is missing’.

PV: So you are obviously sold on the product and you’re saying you save one hour per deal and you do around 20 deals a week?

MM: Ye we do around 10-25 deals a week. I know it’s a big variation.

PV: So that could be 10-25 man hours saved?

MM. Yes absolutely. That could be a part-time member of staff

PV: Do any of your tenants question you on it?

MM:   No they don’t, which is great because of the type of tenants we have like Google and Facebook, we thought they would be hypersensitive to it, but however you have designed it works perfectly. We just don’t get the questions.

PV: They don’t ask you anything?

MM:   They don’t ask us anything at all. When they see the PlanetVerify data request form, it may look like a third party to the tenants so they are less inclined to come back with questions and they just get on with it and fill out the information. This can save us very significant time with back and forth emails. The odd person will still come back to me with a question but you would probably get 4 out of every 5 tenants filling out the data request form with no issue at all.

PV: Has anyone been reluctant to use it?

MM: Not one.

Hearing that feedback off Ireland’s largest, fully diversified property advisory firm is huge for us. We are making life easier for people like Mandy, in industries where they have to gather various pieces of information off clients. This is what PlanetVerify does. We speed up and simplify the workload.

You are in full control of your personal data while it is held on the PlanetVerify App. The PlanetVerify system only shares your personal information with verified Requestors that you choose and it is limited to the personal data that you select for transmission. PlanetVerify is regulated by the Data Protection Commissioner, is fully compliant with the EU GDPR and does not and will never share your personal information with anyone else.

Request a demo today and get the best tool for workflow automation!

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