Your data, securely shared, from your device...

The PlanetVerify app gives you always on access, ownership and control over your own data, on your own device with the ability to share this data securely and efficiently with companies you want to do business with, instantly.

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Trust is the cornerstone of every business in the digital economy.  Companies using PlanetVerify can be trusted with your personal data.

Opening up a new bank account, buying a new insurance policy for your car or home, renting a new flat or buying new mobile phone contract is more than often a logistical headache.

You have to fill in forms, scan in your personal documents (passport, drivers license, previous references etc) and then either post in printed copies or send them over unsecured email servers.

Each time there is a different set of documents requested and a different process.

Not any more. With PlanetVerify you simply, download the app, take photographs of your documents (or load up PDF’s) and store them on your own device. Ready to share with companies you want to do business with, instantly. Your contracts your way.