How can I load a PDF document into my PlanetVerify App Profile using my iPhone or Android Phone?


Step 1 > To load a PDF document you need to have it visible on your device and one easy way to do this is to send it to yourself by email. If you are using an Android device you select the document and select either ”Complete action using” or “Open with” options. Then you go to step 6 below.

If you are using an iPhone you open the document on your device.

Step 2 > When the document is open on your screen you hold your finger anywhere on the document and you will see the Share Icon appear.
Step 3 > Pressing the Share Icon will open up two rows of options. If an “Add to PlanetVerify” option does not appear on the bottom row you will need to select the “More” button on the bottom row. If it’s there you go straight to step 5.
Step 4 > This will bring you to the Activities section and there you can enable the “Add to PlanetVerify” option. This action only has to be done once to allow you add further PDFs to your PlanetVerify profile in the future. Then you press “Done” to step out.
Step 5 > Now you will see the option to “Add to PlanetVerify” which you must select.
Step 6 > Finally, this brings you to the “My Documents” section of your PlanetVerify App and you can select the most appropriate profile item to add the PDF file to and you’re done!