About Us


Collecting Personal Data and Documents in a GDPR world is usually cumbersome, inefficient and insecure. Some use email, routinely loading unknown attachments with all the risks of viruses/ransomware and then holding this sensitive data in inboxes or sent items indefinitely with little or no regard to compliance.  Others build do-it-yourself web forms taking on the cost, hassle and security/compliance issues themselves, always attempting to stay one step ahead of data protection law and of course today’s modern hacker.

While in the end, we know that really… companies just want to do what they do best – grow their business.

This is how PlanetVerify was born. We set ourselves the mission to solve this growing problem for businesses and invested heavily in the development of an encrypted end-to-end platform that enables our clients use a simple plug and play automated dashboard. Once signed up, our clients can, within minutes, begin collecting personal data items efficiently from their customers, employees, tenants and all with the peace of mind of knowing it is secure and compliant, providing both a modern and minimum friction experience.