Automate and secure your customer onboarding checks

The PlanetVerify platform takes away the stress and hassle that comes with gathering important customer documentation to set up new accounts quickly and efficiently

Find out how PlanetVerify Has Revolutionised customer checks for Telcos

Here’s how it works:

  • Data request is sent out to new customer through the PlanetVerify dashboard desktop
  • New customer can share personal ID immediately using the PlanetVerify webapp
  • Automatic reminders notify customer if further docs are required or if a document is rejected as being unsuitable
  • Customer can use webpp to see immediately what documents are shared and if/when they are purged
  • Any contract may also be signed by client on the same PlanetVerify app through our partner DocuSign

We designed this process and the technology behind it to be efficient, user-friendly and fully secure, in compliance with data handling standards and regulations