Automate and secure your tenant onboarding

The PlanetVerify platform takes away the stress and hassle that comes with gathering tenant’s personal information, allowing you to close contracts faster and offer a superior tenant experience

Find out how PlanetVerify Has Revolutionised Tenant Onboarding for Landlords, estate and Letting Agents.

Here’s how it works:

  • Data request is sent out to new tenant through the PlanetVerify dashboard desktop
  • Tenant can share personal ID and references using the PlanetVerify webapp
  • Automatic reminders notify tenant if further docs are required or if a document is rejected
  • App shows tenant what documents are shared and if/when they are purged
  • Final contract may be signed by tenant on PlanetVerify app through our partner DocuSign

We designed this process and the technology behind it to be efficient, user-friendly and fully secure, in compliance with data handling standards and regulations