Automate and secure your employee onboarding

The PlanetVerify platform takes away the stress and hassle that comes with gathering employee’s personal information, allowing you to close contracts faster and offer a superior employee onboarding experience

PlanetVerify for HR


Personal data is collected automatically

Automatic email and SMS reminders

All data stored in one place – so more secure and GDPR compliant

HR manager notified when all necessary docs/ data arrived

All data easily accessible from any computer

Collect medical certs automatically from absent staff – Two factor authentication available for personal data

Automatic purge/ archive data rules may be set up in advance

All payroll data may be uploaded to payroll software

IBAN numbers checked as employee enters them

Final contract can be eSigned through employee’s own device through partner DocuSign

Benefits using PlanetVerify

Manage and be seen to manage personal data professionally and securely

No more scanning, chasing, phoning, emailing for correct data/ docs

Removing multiple micro tasks is a huge time saver in a busy day

Personal data managed in a centralised GDPR compliant manner

Potentially very high savings in automatic collecting of medical certs

Remove transcribing errors in the case of unclear handwriting

No more clicking on unknown attachments thereby reducing risk of virus/ hacking

Direct link from HR/ Payroll to employee is more efficient and secure

Removes the paperchase through multiple departments/ offices