Send Message

Send a Custom Message


We have introduced a new ‘Send Message’ feature which allows the dashboard user to send a custom message to the applicant via email. The applicant can not reply to this email, it is intended only as a one-way advisory.

Here’s how it works

1. Open the relevant applicant data profile by selecting on main requests screen

2. Select the Send Message icon in top right area


3. Type in your custom message and then Send

The message will be sent from noreply@planetverify to the email in the profile, it will look like this:

The email template is simple, but if you need to customise this just get in touch with

Message history

Can I see any messages I have sent to the applicant in the profile? Yes,  you can view all messages that were sent in this way in the History section of any individual data profile

Click History in top right

View all actions and messages sent to this profile

If you would like to know more, just get in touch at or book a refresher training session to help get it set up for your account.