Auto emails

Send an automatic email to users every time you close a profile

You can save a lot of time by automatically informing users as soon as you are finished processing their personal details.  All you need to do is close the data request and an automatic email will be sent. You can compose standard email templates – one email to go out for requests that are accepted and another for requests that are declined. The option to notify users on outcome may be selected in the profile template and will apply to any profiles that are collected using this template.

Notify user

Easy as 1-2-3

1- Once you have downloaded the requested documents or finished with viewing the request, you can close the request.

2- Once closed, the request data will be either archived, purged after 24 hours, or purged after a set period according to the settings in the Profile template used for the request.

3- Now, the user will get an automatic notification that the request is closed. The text contained in the email should be already set up by account admin.

Can I add some custom text into one individual message?

Yes, you can also add a comment to include when you close and decline a profile request. This comment will be added to the standard email template that is sent to the user.

Close requests

If you would like to know more, just get in touch at or book a refresher training session to help get it set up for your account.