General FAQ

If you have any questions about using the PlanetVerify App please check the FAQ below. If you still need more information or support, please contact us at support@planetverify.com.

PlanetVerify is a Management System that allows businesses to gather, verify, retain and delete client and employee Identity Documentation (ID) securely online;

The PlanetVerify platform allows a person, using the PlanetVerify App, securely and easily send their personal data and documents to a Requester who is usually a business and has been fully verified by PlanetVerify.

PlanetVerify is fully compliant with the new EU GDPR data regulations.

A Requester is a business or organisation that has been fully verified and vetted by PlanetVerify. Only then, will PlanetVerify give them permission to request personal information from App users. This way PlanetVerify gives you assurance that those organisations/businesses who request information are who they say they are.

PlanetVerify is a highly secure way to transmit sensitive details and documents over the internet. You are using it because an organisation you are engaging with is a PlanetVerify customer and is using PlanetVerify to make it secure and easy to collect your personal data.

Although we also supply a secure online link the PlanetVerify App makes it easier to share your data and gives you feedback so you know when your data and documents have been viewed.

The PlanetVerify App also tells you if the Data Requester has a problem with any document.

Your PlanetVerify App is also a handy and highly secure place to store sensitive data with password/fingerprint access control.

What’s more the PlanetVerify App is free!

Security & Privacy

PlanetVerify applies state of the art security and is a worldwide partner of Edgescan (https://www.edgescan.com/partners.html). Edgescan are part of BCCRiskAdvisory (http://www.bccriskadvisory.com) who protect well known banks such as AIB in Ireland and have a world class technical team. The PlanetVerify secure App allows a user store personal details and documents on the phone using high level encryption. Even in the event that your phone is stolen, your personal data cannot be decrypted without your secret password.

All Requesters are pre-screened and verified by PlanetVerify and PlanetVerify offers all our Requesters 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) to store your data. 2FA adds considerable additional security as it means as well as their password, the Requester’s device is also needed to access the secure data. This means organisations using PlanetVerify have access to extremely high security tools to protect your data.

Furthermore when processing your personal data, PlanetVerify uses Microsoft Azure Cloud Microsoft Azure cloud is recognised as one of the most secure clouds in the world. For more information on Microsoft Azure Cloud security, see here.

Only you can see or access your personal information when you add the details or documents to the PlanetVerify App. No one else, including PlanetVerify can access your personal data while it is held encrypted on your phone. If you use the PlanetVerify back up option or share information in response to a request from a Requester, PlanetVerify will store that information in our secure cloud and only as long as is necessary. The PlanetVerify platform has no need or wish to hold your personal data for any other reason and will never share your information without your specific instruction to do so..

PlanetVerify uses Microsoft Azure Cloud to hold your information. Microsoft Azure cloud is recognised as one of the most secure clouds in the world. For more information on Microsoft Azure Cloud security, see here.

You are in full control of your personal data while it is held on the PlanetVerify App. The PlanetVerify system only shares your personal information with verified Requesters that you choose and it is limited to the personal data that you select for transmission. PlanetVerify is regulated by the Data Protection Commissioner, is fully compliant with the EU GDPR and does not and will never share your personal information with anyone else. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.

If you would like the Requester to delete the data you have submitted, we recommend that you should send an email directly to the Requester, with “Delete my data” in the subject line. To avoid confusion, you should send it from the email address the Requester used to send you the original PlanetVerify Data Request. Please note that, depending on the purpose of the Data Request, some Requesters may be obliged by law to retain some personal data for a period of time.If you see the Request is shown as ‘Purged‘ on the app, then – if the Requester has not downloaded your data to another location – those items marked as ‘Purged‘ are fully and irreversibly deleted from their PlanetVerify encrypted dashboard and therefore no longer accessible to anyone.

If you would like to also delete the personal data you have stored on your PlanetVerify App, you simply need to delete the app from your device, as that data is stored only locally and encrypted with your password. PlanetVerify can not access or delete your local device data.

Using the APP

If you received an invitation to share your personal data and ID documents, you probably received an option to upload via a weblink or to use the PlanetVerify App. The PlanetVerify App has several advantages for you:

  • It’s very easy to take photos and share your documents within seconds
  • You can see immediately when your items are viewed by Requester
  • You can keep your items securely encrypted on your phone for future sharing
  • You can see when your items are purged from their secure PlanetVerify dashboard by the Requester
  • If after sharing an item, you need to cancel share of that item for any reason or you need to change an item you shared, you may do so at any time up to the point when the item is viewed by Requester. This is a very useful undo feature in the case of an error
  • If an item is rejected by Requester, it’s very simple to replace with a new one
  • You can keep a record on your App, once a Requester records they have Original Sighted a Document on their PlanetVerify secure dashboard. This is valuable to you for future sharing to other organisations.

These are just some of the advantages of using the PlanetVerify App. Note the PlanetVerify App stores all the data in a secure encrypted vault on your device which means it cannot be accessed without your password, even if your device is lost/stolen. Please get in touch if you have any questions or other suggestions. We’re always happy to get feedback.

When you sign up for the app you will be asked to confirm your email. If you don’t get the confirmation email, please check your Spam or Junk folder.  If you still have not received the email, check that you typed in the correct email address and resend it again. If you have any problems, contact support@planetverify.com. Similarly, if you forget your password and need to reset it, please check your email for the reset link and if you don’t see the email, check your Spam or Junk folder.

If you tap on the request and see the word SHARED beside the documents you uploaded then the documents are successfully uploaded. If you see VIEWED, the requester has seen the documents. If the requester has a problem viewing any document you will get an email asking you to re-submit.

Note: Once the documents are viewed by the requester, the request may be deleted. This will not affect the data stored on your app.

A PhotoID Selfie allows the recipient compare your photo ID with your face for verification purposes. This is done simply by taking a photo of yourself holding up your original photoID where it is possible to see both your face and the photograph page of your photoID.   Ensure the photoID is held near enough to camera to be seen clearly. See example here.

This will depend on where you have been asked to share your data but if you have been asked to share your data within the EU then all of your data will be stored only within the EU.

If you have Dropbox on your device and your PDF is there you can select it or otherwise you can add it PDF directly. Click here for detailed instructions.

If the bank statements are multiple pages, rather than photographing every page, it is probably easier to save them as one or more PDF files and then load them into your PlanetVerify App. See simple instructions here on how to load a PDF document into your PlanetVerify App for sharing.

If the requester rejects an item you have submitted, you will get an email notification explaining the reason for the rejection.

  1. When you log into the app, you will see a yellow ! beside the request.
  2. When you tap on the request you will see the word REJECTED in red under the item in question.
  3. Tap Add now to add the correct document.

If your screen freezes or you see the rotating circle icon on centre of the screen for a long time, this is likely due to a slow Internet connection. Please try again once you have a better Internet connection.

Note: You can also use the weblink in the invite email to upload documents from your computer.

Questions, comments and requests regarding this FAQ are welcomed and should be addressed to support@planetverify.com