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PlanetVerify is the solution for businesses that need strict security and compliance controls around the collection and management of personal data.

Our unique platform offers enterprises a suite of tools for the secure collection, storage and processing of personal data.  Our mobile app ensures a frictionless customer experience.


  • Automate and digitise the collection of customer ID’s via PlanetVerify’s secure online platform and mobile application


  • Store, Share, Verify, Download, Export, Archive or Purge your customers’ data in a way that helps you manage your regulatory risk


  • Manage your risk in a cost effective way with our Pay-as-You-Go Verifications solution


  • Efficiently comply with the new ‘rights of your customers and employees’ and rapidly respond to consumer and employee requests to access, port or erase their data.

Your client data is important – we know that. That’s why PlanetVerify meets the highest grade standards for security and privacy.

Protecting Identity

Effective Risk Management

  • Ultra secure hosted platform
  • Two-factor authentication
  • SSL encryption on data transfers
  • Optional IP restriction on accounts
  • Continuous vulnerability management and testing
  • Privacy by Design
  • Comply with GDPR, Right to Rent/Work (UK) legislations

We work with clients across multiple verticals


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