Your Identity Processing Platform

Automated Data Collection & Verification

PlanetVerify is a dedicated platform for streamlining your personal data collection. We’re what your data would do if it could organize itself.

Everything is always where you need it – easy to collect, transfer and store, and totally secure.


Our unique platform offers enterprises a suite of tools for the secure collection, verification and management of personal data.


PlanetVerify meets the needs of both consumers and organisations.

For consumers, its a trusted platform that values their data and privacy

  • Informs re status – rejected, purged, completed; checks compliance of requesting entity
  • Offers a fast frictionless experience
  • No need to download app or visit app store
  • Significantly reduces risk associated with email and paper transactions
  • Puts the power of personal data in the consumer’s hands
ISO 27001

We work with clients across multiple verticals